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Welcome quick and easy car rentals from We specialise in car rentals thoughout and around Paris and other destinations in both France and Europe.

Guide to Paris car hire in France

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More has been written about Paris than probably any other city in the modern world. It is a place that fascinates people. Its history is known universally as it is also a place of legends. There are more famous landmarks here than any other city on earth; its museums contain some of the most priceless works of art. It has a reputation for arrogance and aloofness yet remains one of the world’s most visited cities. Paris is the one city everyone really should see before they die.

One of the joys of the city is that the majority of the fabled sites are within walking distance of each other. But if walking isnt your thing, there is an excellent public transport system. Paris is relatively small (only 105sqkm) which means that it is an ideal city to explore on foot. And explore you should.

There is far more to Paris than the picture postcards would have us believe. Beyond the bustle of the Champs-Elysee with its over priced trendy restaurants and adventure amongst the narrow side streets and alleys. This is where the real Paris is to be discovered. Check out the back streets around Sacre Couer where unique shops sell one-off treasures made by local artisans or the often overlooked Jewish Quarter in the Marais district filled with delis, bakeries, shops and fascinating shops.

Easily the City’s most famous landmark and arguably one of the most famous in the world is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. It is hard to believe today that when it was first constructed (as a temporary structure for the World Fair of 1889) it was considered by many to be an eyesore.

As you would imagine the nightlife is nothing short of sensational. New pubs and bars are opening up all over the place which means competition is hot. A distinctly pleasant side effect of this is the ‘happy hour’. The hottest spots are on the Champs Elysee, but you’ll run up a pretty hefty bill.

Paris is at its best during the temperate spring months (March to May), with autumn coming in a close second. In winter, there are all sorts of cultural events to tempt the visitor, but school holidays can clog the streets. August is usually hot and sticky, and its also when many Parisians take their yearly vacations, so businesses are likely to be closed.

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